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Look here for resources you can trust on topics of medical conditions, treatments, drug and herbal supplement information, substance abuse, healthy recipes and much, much more!

Research Medical Topics Here

MEDLINE Plus - health information you can trust

MEDLINE typically features articles that are like encyclopedia or dictionary entries on a given topic. 
Librarian suggestion: Use this if you are learning about a particular condition. Search in the search bar at the top of the page.

PubMed - index to all of MEDLINE, and other National Library of Medicine databases as well.

More comprehensive than MEDLINE, but may provide mostly links to research papers on a given topic. 
Librarian suggestion: Use this if you seek in depth information on a given topic. Search in the search bar at the top of the page. For more general searches, go directly to MEDLINE.

Research prescribed medications here:

Librarian suggestion: Use this site to find information specific to medications you have been prescribed by searching the drug name. It may be useful to scan the search results to find the exact entry for the manufacturer of the pills you were supplied.

Research medications and herbal supplements here:

Drugs, Herbs and Supplements
Use to learn about drugs or herbal supplements you wish to learn about. 
Librarian suggestion: For drugs, click on the first letter of the substance you are researching, then choose it from the list. For herbal supplements, click on the All Herbs and Substances button, then choose the first letter of the item you seek.

To identify a pill that you cannot identify, go here:

Librarian suggestion: Use a magnifying glass to get the letters and/or numbers from the pill, and count how many lines of scoring appear on the tablet.

Research Health & Safety Information on Household Products here:

Results may include information on product label warnings, health effects (short & long term), first aid instructions, health ratings, flammability ratings, reactivity ratings, handling & disposal guide, chemical ingredients on label, known cancer causing substances in product, links to other products with the same chemicals, information from Safety Data Sheets, and Manufacturer Contact Information (if available.)  
Librarian suggestion: Type an exact and complete product name in the search bar near the top.

Research AIDS information and medications here:

Comprehensive coverage on the topic of AIDS.
Librarian suggestion: For general information, choose from the topics offered in the green menu bar or lower down on the web page. For specific or advanced information needs, type search query in search bar near the top of the page.

Research Lactation and Drugs here:

Librarian suggestion: Search in the search bar at the top of the page - leave lactmed in place and add additional search terms after lactmed. Alternatively, browse the selections that appear automatically.

Research Pain Management, substances, addiction and treatment here: 

Provides a list of links to resources on the topic of Opioid addiction.
Librarian suggestion: click on one of the links, or enter a search in the search bar at the top of the page.

Research Opioid Addiction & Treatment here:

Provides links to trustworthy resources on understanding addiction, substance use overdose, medications to treat substance use addiction, prescribing pain medications during pregnancy, neonatal abstinence syndrome, pre-formulated searches of PubMed, NLM drug information portal, MEDLINE Plus, NLM disaster literature, and the NLM catalog.
Librarian suggestion: Choose from the links provided on their page. Alternatively, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right and type in a search term - e.g. methamphetamine.

Research Healthy Recipes here:

Health Recipes
Librarian suggestion: Click on the appropriate icon on their web page and enjoy!